Hotel Isasi
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The garden of the hotel, named "Parque Virrey de México", is one of the greatest attactions of Hotel Isasi.

It is an aproximate 9.000m2 garden area, where you will be able to go for a walk by stone paths surrounded by hundred-year-old trees, such as more than 200 hundred-year-ols sequoias, Acer Negundos, enormous Tibetan Cedars, centenary box trees, diferent countries palm trees, Pinsapos firs, magnolias, as well as stranges more than 40 cm.diameter bamboo poles.

This kind of gardens were common in this valley, where the "indianos" came back after making his fortune in the Americas and they settled in the area building huge mansions and creating eye-catching gardens with innumerables species from all around the world.

Edificio principal del hotel
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