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The location of Gordexola is an exceptional starting point to know Las Encartaciones,the westerest region of Bizkaia. The town is at 20 km.from Bilbao.

In Las Encartaciones you will be able to practice any kind of adventure activities such as horse routes, walking, mountain bike, rafting, rafting, paint-ball, karting...

As well it has a great cultural and gastronomical offer: products like hooney, txakoli and cheese are specialities from the area.

Source: Gordexola city council

Tower Houses

The tower houses are basic cubic constructions.

They used to be builded in strategic places and next to the markets and mills. They have not windows.

The most prominets tower-houses are Torre de Oxirando, Ibargüen, Largatxa and Zubiete-Oribai.

Country Houses

In Gordexola you'll find a wide variety of tower-houses, result of the deep historical and financial evolution in the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries


Inside the cultural heritage of Gordexola, one of the most important constructions are the churches and hermitages. In El Molinar you'll find the church of San Juan, in Zaldu the church of San Nicolás de Bari and in Ilso the church of San Juan de Berbikez

Other religious constructions worthy of been mentioned are the church of San Esteban Protomártir, the hermitage of Santiago de Errotaiega or the Fray Francisco monument.


The villages are great constructions made by the indianos, people who were born in Gordexola, left to America to make their fortunes, and in their return to Gordexola, they builded luxury mansions.

The most imprtant villages are Villa Cuba, Villa Bilbao, Villa José, Villa Arechavaleta and others.

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